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Have you Considered Plumbing Decorations for the Holiday Season?

The holidays are here and with them come many decorations, indoors and out. While most people enjoy decorating their home and yard for the season, few think about decorating their plumbing systems.

Even though your indoor and outdoor plumbing are in the midst of your decorations, they’re usually not part of the decorations. As a result, sometimes your home’s plumbing system can stand out or take away from your decorations because they’re not included in the decorations.

Avoid having any eyesores or taking away from your hard work of decorating by getting creative and including your plumbing systems in this season’s decorations. Plus, you might even start a new trend in your neighborhood. Here are some tips to get you started with holiday plumbing decorations.

Decorating Outdoor Plumbing

outdoor plumbingIn many homes, there are outdoor pipes or plumbing components that are visible. This year, consider wrapping those pipes in lights or garland to help them blend into your display.

If you have outdoor faucets, think about putting a bow on them. Similarly, if you have a hose mounted on your house, consider outlining it with lights.

These might seem like silly touches to include in your holiday display, but they’ll help to ensure that your outdoor plumbing blends into your decorations and does not take away from the holiday cheer.

Have You Thought About Decorating Your Kitchen Faucet?

Your kitchen likely has plenty of holiday decorations, but what about your kitchen plumbing? like the sink and faucet! It’s often overlooked, but the truth is it’s an easy way to add some extra holiday spirit to your home. If you’re a knitter, you can quickly knit a holiday cover to put over the faucet. If not, consider wrapping it with garland or tying a bow around it.

kitchen faucet

If you’re concerned about decorations getting wet, consider simply hanging a wreath directly above your faucet. It’s easy to overlook the sink and faucet when decorating, but this is where you’ll spend lots of time this holiday season, so think of some ways to include it in your decorations.

Create a Festive Guest Bathroom

bathroom plumbingThe bathroom is an easy room to decorate for the season. By adding a festive toilet seat cover, shower curtain or hand towels, you can easily add some holiday cheer to the bathroom. Consider also adding some battery-operated candles to add a little more holiday spirit.

Finally, some special soaps or lotions will make your bathroom feel and smell like the holidays. You and your guests will inevitably spend some time in the bathroom this holiday season, so make sure you add plenty of cheer.

Have fun decorating your yard and home this holiday season. As you work on your decorations, however, don’t overlook your home’s plumbing systems. You probably haven’t thought much about decorating them, but doing so might be just the touch you need to really make your decorations stand out this year.

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