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Catch Your Running Toilet Before It Costs You A Small Fortune

If your toilet is running, you better go catch it! Terrible joke aside, if you think your running toilet is no big deal, you might want to think again. Luckily your toilet doesn’t use electricity to run, but it does use water.

A running toilet can easily use up to 6,000 gallons of water per month, which can add up to $1000 or more a year! Even if you aren’t bothered by wasting water, you likely don’t want to spend an extra grand per year on an easy-to-fix problem. Below you’ll find all the information about running toilets you could ever want to know.

Possible Reasons Behind Running Toilets

There are four likely culprits that may be to blame for your running toilet. The most likely issue has to do with the flapper, which is a rubber flap that stops and allows water flow from your toilet tank to the bowl. The flap has to be sitting flush against the bottom of the tank to plug up the hole that allows water to flow.

The next most likely reason for a running toilet is incorrect water levels in your toilet tank. Either too much or too little water in the tank will cause it to run. The next potential issue is with the fill valve, which is responsible for refilling the bowl with fresh water after each flush. The last culprit could be the chain that runs from your toilet’s handle to the flapper.

running toilet

As the handle is pushed, it pulls the flapper up, allowing water to leave the tank and flow into the toilet to flush. If the chain is too short it will hold the flapper open and if the chain is too long it can get wedged under the flapper, causing the seal to be broken. All of these scenarios result in a running toilet.

How Plumbers Are Fixing Running Toilets

fixing running toiletsHow your technician tackles your running toilet is fully dependent on what the problem is. It’s likely that your plumber will first check to see if your flapper is lying flush with the tank and for wear and tear. Some water leaves mineral deposits on the flapper that result in a sludge that can cause the flapper to slide around or not lie flush.

Once the flapper is cleaned, it will lie flush with the tank again. If this doesn’t solve the problem, the flapper may need to be replaced. This is also a great time for your plumber to inspect the chain that runs from the handle to the flapper to ensure it’s the correct length.

If it’s not, the plumber will adjust the chain to the proper length so the flapper can create a strong seal. Next, your plumber will inspect the float ball and overflow tube in the toilet tank to see if your water level is an issue.

The float ball tells the toilet how high to fill the toilet tank with water and if there’s water in the ball, then its buoyancy will be affected. If water is draining into the overflow tube, then that means the water height must be adjusted. During this inspection, your plumber will also inspect your fill valve to see if it needs to be replaced due to normal wear and tear.

Helpful Tips For Preventing Running Toilets

The easiest way to prevent running toilets in your home is by doing a fast weekly inspection to ensure each toilet in your home is functioning properly. Flush each toilet and wait for the cycle to finish completely. This way you’ll know right away if there’s a problem.

preventing running toilets

While this does require a few minutes of your time each week, it could potentially save you from driving up your water bill sky high. Paying for water that’s been running in a toilet for one week is a heck of a lot better than one that’s been running for months!

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