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Thinking About Updating or Installing a New Boiler? Read these 6 Fun Facts First!

Boiler Facts

Before you install a new boiler to heat your home, you might want to do a little research about how they work and also learn how they can save money, energy and improve your indoor air quality.

It is also a good idea to consider investing in a new condenser boiler if you have a house that is over 15 years old, or if you are considering improving the water pressure in your home.

The expense of the installation is sure to be well worth it, especially when you see the extreme saving that is revealed on your next fuel bill. Here are six fun facts about boilers that will have you thinking about them, as you never have before.

Fun Fact 1 - Boilers Don’t Ever Reach a Boiling Point

Boiler QuestionThe water that is used to heat pipes for radiant heating in boilers can be programmed to reach the boiling point of 140 degrees, but this is going to defeat your purpose of saving on energy.

That is because it costs more in natural gas fuel to heat the water to that temperature when it only has to be heated to 60 degrees to achieve results.


Fun Fact 2 - Boilers Work By Providing Radiant Heat

Working BoilerRadiant heat comes from warmed heat in pipes behind the floors and beneath the floor. Exposed pipes will also carry this hotter water, providing hours of warm, comfortable, clean air.

The water in the pipes is heated by a flame of natural gas, which expands the water in the pipes and sends it circulating all over the building.

When water-cools naturally, it then travels down to the boiler to be reheated and circulated again and again.

Fun Fact 3 - Boilers Need High Water Pressure to Be Efficient

Water PressureBoilers are water-based systems, so it is not surprising that they require high water pressure to operate efficiently.

The pipes must be full of water to provide you with the optimum level of reserved heat as it rises through the various levels and quarters of your home.

If the water pressure is too low, the water will turn to steam and travel properly through the pipes, leaving cold areas in the upper areas of your dwelling.

Fun Fact 4 – Boiler Systems Are Not Humidifiers

HumidityOld style rads that dripped water and oozed vapor are responsible for the false idea that boiler heated systems also add moisture to the air.

This is especially of concern to people with antiques and papered walls who fear the damage that can be done if there is too much moisture in the air.

Modern systems operate dry and do not double as room humidifiers.

Fun Fact 5 – Boilers Can Save You A Mint on Fuel

Save MoneyIf you want to save thousands on your fuel bill, consider switching from oil to natural gas and then installing a condenser boil that has a state-of-the-art thermostat.

Some people who do this manage to see savings of 90% on their annual bill. Even if you retrofit an old oil furnace with a new boiler, you will still see substantial savings on your energy costs.

Fun Fact 6 – Boilers Are Better for The Environment

Energy Efficient BoilerThe simple truth is that the new condenser boilers are sealed up and contained have no way of emitting fumes and carbon dioxide into the air. This helps improve the air quality indoors and outdoors.

As they are so energy efficient, boilers also use less of our natural resources to heat more of your home, making them a decidedly green appliance.

Before you buy to be sure to consider the many benefits of getting a boiler, including lower costs, better fuel efficiency and consideration for the environment.

The costs of installation to St. Michael, MN residents have a wide range, depending on what must be done, so it is best to consult with an HVAC professional to determine the new green boiler system that is best for you.