St. Michael Burst Pipe Repair Services

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Water pouring from a pipe that has dramatically ruptured is one of the more serious problems a homeowner can face. They can cause a great deal of water damage and result in the plumbing system being completely unusable. In the event that this occurs, getting professional plumbing services is critical. At B & D Plumbing, Heating & A/C we offer full burst pipe repair solutions for all customers in St. Michael, and the surrounding areas. When you have us on your side, you can rest easy knowing that the problem will be solved rapidly and efficiently!

Burst Pipe Repair Services in St. Michael

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What causes burst pipes?

The primary cause of burst pipes is when the temperature drops causing the water in the pipes to freeze. When water freezes, it tends to expand. While in some instances the pipe will be able to handle this pressure, at some point it will be too much. This is when the pipe ruptures and the water spills forth.

Pipes also degrade over time. This means that some of the older pipes will eventually weaken and burst. However, this type of burst pipe is ordinarily preceded by a series of leaks and other problems. If you think your home's plumbing is in need of service, give our experts a call and let us solve all your pipe-related issues!

How can you avoid this issue?

The best way that a homeowner can avoid dealing with burst pipes is by ensuring that they never freeze. The two ways to do this are either trickling water through the pipes in intervals or by insulating the pipes. This can help combat freezing issues and prevent any burst pipes from occurring.

Another way that a homeowner is able to prevent pipes from bursting is to regularly have them maintained and inspected. By doing this you will never be surprised by a burst pipe coming out of the blue. Our expert plumbers can help you with all these solutions and ensure that any burst pipe issue is solved before it damages your home.

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How can this problem affect your home?

A burst pipe will affect your home by causing a great deal of water damage, increasing your water bill, and decreasing the amount of water that is available for use. This can be very frustrating for those who live in the household and can result in personal possessions being destroyed.

If a pipe does burst, the first step should be to immediately turn off the water main. Once the water has been turned off, give our experts a call. We will be able to permanently fix the pipe and get the plumbing system working again as soon as possible.

What can professionals do to repair the pipes?

The first action that our plumbers take is to find the source of the issue. By determining where the burst pipe is, our experts can then resolve the issue. By knowing the exact location and severity we can accurately provide you with the best services to keep your home safe.

In some instances, if the damage to the pipe is small enough, a patch job or basic repair will be able to solve it. In other instances, where the problem is larger, entire sections of your home's plumbing may need to be replaced. No matter what the severity of the issue is, our plumbers will have a solution for you, guaranteed.

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