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Heat Pump Services in St. Michael

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How do geothermal heat pumps work?

A heat pump serves a dual purpose by heating the air in your home during the winter and cooling it when the warmer weather arrives. By harnessing energy from the Earth, you can reduce your reliance on a traditional heating and cooling system.

The temperature below the freeze line of the Earth's surface remains between a constant range of 50 to 60 degrees throughout the entire year. This is regardless of whatever the air temperature is above it. The reason for this is that the energy from the Earth's core radiates through its surrounding layers. This energy is unlimited in supply and is completely renewable, unlike the fossil fuels that we use to heat our homes and to generate electricity at power plants.

By tapping into this green and free energy source, a geothermal heat pump can help keep your home at a steady temperature. It does this by transferring heat energy back and forth between the Earth and your home. While the pump does require electricity to run, the amount and cost is minimal when comparing it to your current heating and cooling costs.

There are three major components to a geothermal heat pump system:

  • Heat exchanger: Also referred to as a "loop," this consists of a network of tubing that is installed at least 10 feet below the surface of the ground near your home. A liquid is circulated through the tubing and will act as a means of transporting heat energy between your home and the ground.
  • Heat pump: This piece of equipment is installed above ground and is responsible for pumping the fluid through the system. The pump has a life expectancy of 25 years when properly maintained.
  • Distribution unit: This component is very similar to the blower fan that is used in a traditional heating and cooling system to distribute warmed or cooled air throughout your ducts.

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What are the benefits?

Because of the climate in our area, you will see the most savings from cooling your home with a geothermal system because you will still need to have a supplemental heat source in your home. Without it, your home will not be kept sufficiently warm during the winter. However, by pre-warming the air inside, the heat pump can reduce the amount of time you need to run your furnace.

A geothermal heat pump can improve the air quality in your home. It provides better humidity control than other types of heating and cooling systems that are available. You will also see a reduction in the amount of allergens that are circulated throughout your home.

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