St. Michael Air Exchanger Services

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St. Michael Air Exchangers Services

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Not sure what an air exchanger is?

An exchanger exchanges the air in a room for fresh air from the outside. It can be a great way to ventilate the room to stop the air from growing stale. It is far more efficient than opening an outside door or window. They are frequently installed as part of a heating system. Air exchangers can help bring fresh air into the ductwork of a home. Our experts are trained and certified to install air exchangers.

Air exchangers are excellent at helping maintain fresh and cool rooms. The air exchanger is also able to detect the humidity levels in the room so that it doesn't rise to levels that are undesirable. It can exchange hot air for cooler outdoor air. When the weather is cooler, the pathways used by the heat exchanger run parallel to each other. This enables the two streams of air to interact. This allows heat to be exchanged from the indoor air into the outdoor air. There is a nice temperature balance and good flow of fresh air available.

What are the benefits of having an air exchanger in your home?

You know the importance of fresh outdoor air if you have allergies or respiratory problems. An airtight home or office can cause problems for people with these health issues. The air in homes can be considerably more polluted than most industrial cities. Some people spend approximately 90% of their time indoors making them susceptible to the effects of indoor pollution. An air exchanger with proper ventilation can help with these issues.

The air inside your home gets stale if your home is older and not insulated tightly. Air exchangers can bring fresh air inside the home. At the same time, it exhausts an equal amount of stale air to provide a healthy balance to your ventilation system. Our professionals can install an air exchanger in your home in no time. We will make sure your air exchanger is working properly. Here are some of the benefits of an air exchanger:

  • Decreases excess humidity which can cause deterioration, mildew, and mold in your home.
  • Decreases dangerous pollutant gases or fumes.
  • Removes particles such as dander and dust.
  • Helps decrease heating costs for highly insulated homes.
  • Removes stuffiness and helps freshens up your home.

Air exchangers are also referred to as heat recovery ventilators or air-to-air heat exchangers. They can be used in conjunction with other commercial or residential HVAC equipment. This includes a central air conditioning or heating system. Your furnace combined with an air exchange ventilation system can help generate a healthy indoor environment through improved air quality.

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Saving money using an air exchanger

The cost of running an air exchanger consists of two parts. This includes the cost of operating the fan in the air exchanger unit and the unit's control panel. The second part of the cost depends on the kind of air exchanger you have as well as the time of year.

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