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With the concern over air filtration and other ways to keep the air clean within a home or office, not many people seem to know about the benefits of humidification. Humidification is the process of adding moisture into the air in order to improve quality. The device that does this is called a humidifier. Most consumers are familiar with the small devices they had as kids that humidified their room when they were sick. However, there are entire humidification systems that are installed in your forced air system.

At B & D Plumbing, Heating & A/C in St. Michael, MN, homeowners and building operators can find a hard-working team that can help develop a humidification system for their house or office building.

Humidifier Installation & Repair in St. Michael

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What are the advantages of having a whole-house humidifier?

Humidification might seem like an odd benefit; after all, many people become uncomfortable in a heavily humid climate. However, humidification can be a controlled process where a healthy amount of moisture is in the atmosphere of a home or building.

Some advantages of a whole-house humidifier are:

  • Reduction in the percentage of dry air.
  • Helps warm interior climates faster.
  • Helps reduce your energy bill.
  • Decrease in the amount of bacteria and viruses.

What problems does it solve?

For many workers or homeowners, a dry air environment can make them feel colder. This, in turn, can make people turn up their heat and waste more energy when all they need is some extra moisture in the air. With more moisture, heat will be absorbed and stay within the interior climate.

In addition, bacteria and viruses thrive in dry air environments. This can often increase the chances of an illness during the dry, cold weather. Turning on humidification will decrease the number of bacteria and viruses in the air and help homeowners and workers breathe easier.

Another interesting aspect of dry air is that it damages the interior environment. Dry air or too moist of air can damage wood, paint, and plaster, as well as household items like furniture and electronics. By having a humidification system built into the central air system, the homeowner or building manager can create a habitable amount of moisture to protect the interior space.

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Is installing one right for you?

Considering the health and interior environment benefits of a humidification system, many homeowners may want to invest in a humidification system immediately. What needs to be considered is the type of whole-home humidifier that would work best for the needs of the owner and the building infrastructure.

Some humidification systems work better with horizontal duct systems while others will work with platform duct systems. Contact B & D Plumbing, Heating & A/C to consult with us today on how to best set up a humidification system in your home or office building.

If you're tired of dry, irritated skin and high energy bills, consider the benefits of a whole-house humidifier. Call us today at (763) 497-2290 for more information about this and the rest of our services.