St. Michael Boiler Repair Services

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Boilers are used in homes and businesses for heating solutions and for hot water. Boilers can be powered by gas, oil, electricity or even coal in some areas. A boiler that's regularly cared for can last for decades, but now and again they do need maintenance. No matter what service your boiler needs, you can trust that our plumbers at B & D Plumbing, Heating & A/C are here to help.

Boiler Repair Services in St. Michael

What are some common boiler issues?

A boiler that hisses or bangs is often suffering from limescale. This is a deposit left by the minerals in hard water. Strange noises can also come about because the boiler's thermostat isn't working properly. Steam boilers that hiss or bang can have pipework that hasn't been sloped correctly.

The pressure relief valve on a hot water boiler can also open and send water into its overflow pipe. This is caused because the expansion tank is malfunctioning and raising the pressure. If a boiler isn't working at all, it could be because the thermostat has been set too low, the timer isn't working properly, or the pilot light has gone out.

Our expert plumbers can find the source of the problem and provide you with efficient repair solutions and get your unit back in working order.

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What are some common causes for replacement?

While most boiler issues have a common solution, other instances may require the replacement of the unit. If the pilot light can't be relit for example, some replacement services may be needed to get it back up and running. Cracks or serious leaks are other common issues that can require replacements. Once a boiler requires regular repairs, replacement of the unit is generally the best course of action.

How are they repaired?

Depending on the issue that is present within the boiler, there are various repairs to remedy it. If the boiler has limescale, our plumber will shut the unit down and descale it. Then, we’ll drain and flush the boiler, and refill it.

Our plumbers can also replace a faulty thermostat and make sure the pipework is sloped properly, so the water can travel easily to the boiler. If the boiler is leaking, we can repair loose connections or install new pipes. No matter what issue it may have our plumbers will find a viable solution in no time!

What are the benefits of professional installation services?

Boilers are cumbersome and it might take at least two of our plumbers to carry it and install it in a basement or crawlspace. Also, pipes and other fittings need to be connected the right way and in accordance with local plumbing codes. In other words, it's best to let a professional install a boiler. When a professional installs your boiler, you will have the peace of mind that comes with industry leading plumbing services!

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