Maintenance Plans for the St. Michael Area

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Maintenance Plans for the St. Michael Area

Here at B & D Plumbing, Heating & A/C, we’ve grown close to the St. Michael community since we first started in 1982. Because of this, we’ve designed certain maintenance plans that both residential homeowners and commercial business owners can become a part of. These plans bring along a host of benefits that our clients enjoy for an affordable periodic fee.

We offer two maintenance plans, one for residential locations and another for commercial locations. Below you’ll find links embedded in the title along with short descriptions.

Home Care Club Plan:

This plan is designed for residential homeowners to enjoy perks that our clients say really make their home maintenance far easier. This plan provides routine maintenance for your equipment at home. This regular maintenance will aid you in prolonging the life of certain systems and in turn, save you money on your utility bills. You also get to save on certain fees that won’t apply to you as part of this program.

Commercial Maintenance Plan

Commercial Maintenance Plan:

With our commercial preventative maintenance plan, your business will enjoy the benefits of regularly scheduled maintenance. This plan will decrease the likelihood of plumbing and HVAC emergencies, along with decreasing what you pay in way of utility bills. We can provide you with a fair plan that meets your needs.

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