St. Michael Air Handler Replacement Services

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The indoor climate of your residence or business is essential to maintaining a comfortable environment. Within buildings where the health of occupants is of the greatest importance, proper air quality and volume changes are responsible for removing airborne microorganisms that help control infection. When the air handler is operating correctly, air temperature is maintained properly and at maximum efficiency.

At B & D Plumbing, Heating & A/C, we provide full service for the installation, maintenance and repair of all manner of air handlers. We can help you find a suitable unit or perform any work needed on your existing equipment to keep it running at peak performance.

Air Handler Replacement in St. Michael

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What is the importance of air handlers?

The air handler unit (AHU) is responsible for conditioning and circulating the air within the living spaces of residential homes and commercial buildings. It works in conjunction with an HVAC system. The AHU takes in fresh air from outside, cools or warms it, and distributes it through the ductwork using fans or blowers. The air is returned through a compressor located outside.

The size of the air handler depends on the size of the building and the outdoor compressor. Having the unit professionally installed with us will save you on operational issues down the road. If it is not performing correctly, the living or work space may become humid, dry, or uncomfortably warm, and the air quality could become unhealthy.

What causes them to break down?

The filter is the first barrier to particles and contaminants escaping into the interior atmosphere. If it is not properly maintained and debris is allowed to build up, it could easily cause the system to fail. If the filter should collapse, it could contaminate the air handler.

The humidifier is essential in regulating the level of moisture in the air. If the primary filtration is poorly maintained, this could cause clogging resulting in poor performance or even causing the unit to break down. The fans used in the system vary in size depending on the unit capacity. Fans that vibrate or wobble will lose energy from the wobble. They get very noisy as they struggle to work, which causes the efficiency to suffer. Avoid wasting energy by checking out the strategic placement of weights to counterbalance the fans. The stability makes the noise go away.

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What are the benefits of timely replacement services?

These days, expenses related to poor performance have no room in anyone’s budget. We can evaluate the cooling capacity to determine whether a unit is too strong for the space it is cooling. Then again, if it is not sufficient capacity for the space, it could leave the place feeling too warm. B & D Plumbing, Heating & A/C. can come out to inspect and evaluate the performance of your AHU and replace it with a proper unit that will fulfill the space and capacity requirements while reducing the damage to your wallet.

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