St. Michael Geothermal System Installation

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Geothermal Heating System Installation in St. Michael

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How do geothermal systems work?

Between 40% and 60% of the sun’s energy is absorbed directly into the surface of the earth, used by plants to produce the oxygen we need to breathe. However, there is still an abundance of energy that radiates into the atmosphere if not utilized. Geothermal heating works by absorbing this energy in a series of pipes, which then transfer the energy into your home through a water solution. The cooled water is pumped back into the ground to absorb even more energy.

What are the benefits?

Geothermal heating offers numerous benefits to homeowners, notably a much higher efficiency rating. Traditional gas heating systems only use about 94% of the energy they consume, meaning that you are wasting power with each use. Geothermal heating, on the other hand, has an efficiency rating of around 400%. This can reduce the energy bill by as much as 70%, resulting in major savings on your energy bill.

As an added bonus, geothermal systems make next to no noise while they operate, and are completely eco-friendly. They work by taking advantage of an existing natural resource, but add no pollutants into the environment.

What kind of household would benefit most from this system?

If trees and shade surround your home, geothermal energy might not be as effective. However, if your home is located in an area where there is a lot of open space, it’s a strong option. The sun’s rays must be able to reach the ground for the system to be effective; although shaded areas also absorb energy, they might not be able to create enough to power most households.

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How much energy can you save?

Geothermal heating saves a significant amount of energy, but exact estimates vary. While it does have a high-efficiency rating--nearly four units of energy produced per every one expended--energy savings do not necessarily translate the same way. You can expect to save roughly between 40% to 60% during summer months, and between 40% and 80% during the winter months.

The main factor is how much sunlight the area around your home is exposed to; if the ground tends to become particularly hot, for instance, the energy costs can be much higher.

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