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When you live in an environment that is famous for cold winters, you want your heating units to function efficiently all winter long. There are several options to help you, including in-floor heat, furnaces, and geothermal heating systems, and we will expertly install whichever kind of system you want in your new home.

We design and build bid packages for the contractor or the homeowner. We have various equipment models available in order to successfully accomplish any task that our customers require from us.

We provide new-construction heating for:

  • Remodels
  • New Construction
  • Additions


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What are some advantages of geothermal heating systems?

Geothermal heating systems will save you a lot of money on your energy bills in the long run, but they have a higher up-front installation cost. Like refrigerators, they transfer heat from underground into your home. They have long loops of underground pipes that contain water or antifreeze. The loops are connected to a heat pump, which can act as a furnace or air conditioner. During the winter, they gather heat and deliver it to the home. During the summer, they remove heat from the house and transfer it back to the ground. A couple of advantages over traditional heating systems are:

  • More efficient: Since it doesn’t burn fuel to work, it is much more efficient. It is cheaper to install for new construction rather than for existing construction, but it will be more than a conventional HVAC system. The good news is it could pay for itself in as little as four years, depending on utility rates.
  • Incentives: There are also federal, state and local financing, incentives, and rebates available because geothermal heat pumps are environmentally friendly and energy efficient. We can help you calculate if this type of heating is cost effective for your situation.

Want to reduce your allergies?

People who suffer from allergies can get help from in-floor heating. There is no blowing air, so there are no dust or allergens being blown through the rooms. The heat is consistent, the operation is quiet, and there are no more cold floors. It is an efficient and cost-effective alternative to forced-air heating and can reduce your heating bill by up to 40%.

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What codes have to be followed when installing new heating systems for new construction projects?

Minnesota heating and cooling codes for new constructions require systems to maintain a temperature of 71 degrees Fahrenheit to 81 degrees Fahrenheit in all residential areas. The buildings must have thermostatic temperature controls. The humidification system must be able to maintain space humidity between 25 to 50% relative humidity.

We strictly follow all the Minnesota building codes and will get the required permits for:

  • Replacing or installing a furnace or boiler.
  • Installing ductwork, radiators, in-floor and baseboard heating.
  • Connecting gas piping for heating systems.

If you are building a new home or are a contractor for a commercial building, we have the trained, specialized technicians to help you do it right the first time. We offer high-efficiency equipment and more to help you create an environmentally friendly building or living space. We provide everything you need for your HVAC requirements including boilers, thermostats, heat pumps and furnaces. Call today to learn more about the heating options there are for your new home or office building.

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