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How Your Outdoor Plumbing Can Help You Celebrate The Longest Day of The Year


The summer solstice, which marks the first official day of summer and the longest day of the year, is June 21st. Do you have plans for how you and your family will celebrate the day?

Are you looking for some family-friendly, outdoor activities? Most kids are out of school and it’s a great time to participate in outdoor activities and to enjoy the warm evenings with extra daylight.

If you’re looking for some activities to keep your family active this June 21st, take advantage of your outdoor plumbing and try some of our low-budget water activities.

Make Sprinklers Fun

sprinklerandslideOne easy and classic way to have fun outside is by playing in the sprinkler. Not only does this help you cool off while having fun, but it can also be an effective way to water your yard and garden.

Plus, if you have a hill - or even a big piece of plastic - you can use your sprinkler to help create your very own slip and slide.

Just make sure that you move the sprinkler periodically so that you’re watering the whole yard and not causing any damage to one spot. Other than that, pull out the sprinkler and enjoy one of our longstanding favorite outdoor activities.

Water and Hose Fights

hosefightsOn a hot day, a hose fight is a great way for everyone to cool off and have some fun.

Plus, as you’re spraying each other with that water, your landscaping is getting some love too, a win-win for any summer day.

And in the same spirit, a water gun fight can be just as fun, involve more people and save some water. Regardless of exactly how you do it, a water fight is an easy way to get the whole family outdoors, active and having fun this summer.

Water Balloon Fights

waterballoonsfightSimilarly, a family water balloon fight is a great way to cool off and do some family bonding. This is an activity that can get everyone involved and leads to some friendly competition as well as team building.

Plus, sometimes the process of filling the balloons can be almost as fun for kids as the fight itself. (And, if you don’t enjoy that part of the process, there are easy and inexpensive sets of water balloons these days where you can quickly and easily fill lots of balloons all at once).

Whatever your strategy for filling balloons or winning the fight, this is a fun activity that you should do with your family at least once this summer. Getting outdoors on a summer day, especially on the longest days of the year, can be a great way to have some healthy, fun and inexpensive family time.

In the midst of the summer, water activities can be one of the best ways to beat the heat and really enjoy the hot June days. As you do, always be mindful about conserving water and save or reuse water whenever possible. But with that in mind, get outside and have some fun. After all, the longest day of the year only happens, well, once a year.