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Tips to Steal for More Efficient Family Heating And Cooling

People love to share the things that they’re good at. If someone has an incredible golf game, they’re going to bring up the topic of golf at the dinner table along with their favorite tips and tricks of the game. Professionals in every industry have advice to share. They’ve seen and done it all within their industry, so they know how things run like the back of their own hand. This is especially true for professionals in the HVAC industry.

From fixing the air conditioning unit to recognizing unusual furnace noises, to helping families keep their heating and cooling systems running as efficiently as they possibly can, HVAC professionals have all kinds of tips and tricks. And that’s what the experts are sharing today: 3 tips for a fully functioning HVAC unit.

Increase Insulation for Better HVAC Functionality

increase insulationInsulation in a home can take many forms, but no matter what form it’s in, it helps to regulate the temperature in the house and keep it at the desired level of heat. Increasing insulation could mean adding more insulation (the fluffy yellow kind of insulation) to the home.

Of course, the main levels of a house are typically insulated when the house is built. However, attics, garages, and unfinished basements often aren’t insulated.

Installing this extra insulation can make sure temperatures stay consistent throughout the home. Home insulation can also take other forms such as sealing drafty doors or windows. This keeps the air inside the house where it’s meant to be: indoors.

Use Curtains and Screens to Balance Temperatures

Some might argue that they buy curtains because it adds to the mood of the room or because they liked the pattern or design of the curtain. However, blackout curtains and screens also play a huge role in balancing indoor temperatures. The bright, hot sun pierces through the windows and can make it challenging to keep the home cool.

use curtains

On the other hand, cold rain or other outdoor elements can make it hard to keep the home warm. Hanging curtains and screens to cover the windows can reduce heat gain by 77% in the summer, and they can reduce heat loss by the same percent in the winter.

This, in turn, prevents the AC unit and the furnace from overworking. When the HVAC system starts overworking, it can experience wear and tear as well as mechanical issues. Adding window coverings is a simple act that dramatically improves the efficiency of the HVAC system.

Use House Fans on a Daily Basis

use house fansHouse fans are another great way to maintain the desired temperature in the house. Most people can vividly remember the time they spent in their college dorm room or their first apartment that didn’t have AC.

Summers were brutal and fans were everywhere! Though fans appear to be pretty simplistic in design, they do have some awesome technicalities due to the tilt of their blades. It’s best to have ceiling fans run in a counter-clockwise direction (blades facing down) in the summer.

Doing so blows the air down to cool the room, and vice versa in the winter. Using house fans regularly can maintain the house’s temperature and keep the HVAC unit functioning efficiently while avoiding common HVAC issues.

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